The first steps of the 2020 season are taking shape as the team roster is forming in these months and the overall title of the next season can be described as nothing less than a paradigm shift.

Five Dutchmen have signed with the team, making it the first riders without Scandinavian passports to sign a contract with the Danish Riwal Readynez Cycling Team.

“We are broadening our horizons and along with it taking a step further towards our goals and ambitions”, says team manager Steffen Kromann. “The 2020 season will be a new chapter in the ongoing story of this growing team, and I’m sure we can expect great things in the future.”

Arvid De Kleijn, Piotr Havik, Martijn Budding, Nick van der Lijke and Elmar Reinders will jump into the team colors of Riwal Readynez in 2020 leaving a strong season behind with a total of 11 wins and a staggering 64 top-10 finishes.

Photo credit to the teams and Dirk Wolf from BEAT.