With an identity as a Nordic team, Riwal Readynez Cycling Team are happy to announce that some of the strongest Scandinavian profiles this year have extended their contracts for 2020. The riders are Swedish Kim Magnusson, Norwegian Sindre Lunke and Torkil Veyhe from the Faroe Islands.

All three have proven to be world class domestiques, while they’ve also shown to be able to make results of their own, when they get the chance. They’ve proven to be some of the best riders from their home countries, Kim having been Swedish Champion in 2017 and Torkil national champion several times.

“Kim, Sindre and Torkil belong at this level without a doubt”, says sportsmanager Michael Blaudzun. “They are some of the strongest domestiques you can find at this level but can make results of their own as well. Guys like them are the engine on a professional team, and I look forward to continue working with them in 2020.”

Photocredits: Ethan Glading (left), Karen M. Edwards (below)