2019 marked the first year in the sport’s 2nd division for Riwal Readynez Cycling Team, and yesterday UCI officially announced all the granted licenses for upcoming seasons. Riwal Readynez Cycling Team receives the UCI ProTeam license along 16 other teams around the world.

“It’s nice to have the official announcement in place”, says team manager Steffen Kromann. “It doesn’t really come as a surprise, since we’ve been following all the deadlines and haven’t met any obstacles during our registration, but it’s nice to get the official green light.”

Following new reforms for the 2020-season, the 2nd division of the sport changes its name from Procontinental to UCI ProTeam, while also the calendar faces name changes in the coming year.

From 2020 the calendar will be split into three divisions: “UCI WorldTour”, which remains mostly like the now well-known WorldTour, “UCI ProSeries”, replaces the HC category while some Class 1 events gets promoted, and “UCI Continental Circuits”, in the shape of the UCI Europe Tour, Africa Tour, Asia Tour, America Tour and Oceania Tour.