”A true race for the tough guys”, said directeur sportif Michael Blaudzun after today’s 113th edition of the French classic Paris-Tours. Rasmus Quaade sat in the final and finished in a small group as 21st.

”We almost missed our shot with 100 km to go in the feeding zone, where the peloton split in the crosswinds. Stokbro had been in front in the early breakaway for 80 km but was caught by new situation in the race. Fortunately we were able to close down the breakaway with many of the race favorites and get back into the mix”, told Blaudzun.

With nine gravel sections and several hard climbs in the final, the race was shaping up to become hard enough, but heavy winds added an extra element of toughness, which drove the pre-final to an early start.

“Quaade found that he had pretty great legs, so it was all for him, and the guys did a great job in positioning him for the final part of the race with the gravel and hills. He gave his all, and we are very satisfied with this result against some of the best in the world”, ended Michael Blaudzun.