The final race of the Europe Tour and the final on the team’s race calendar ended today with strong results by Rasmus Quaade and Mathias Norsgaard, who rode the Chrono des Nations time trial in the elite and U23 divisions in Vendée, France.

While Mathias Norsgaard finished 2nd behind Belgian Jasper De Plus in the U23-race, Rasmus Quaade took 4th spot behind the pre-race favorites Van Emden, Ganna and Roglic in the elite race, proving to be strongest of the four Danish riders.

“I’m really happy and satisfied with my time trial”, said Quaade after the race. “I distributed my power very well over the course and couldn’t have ridden faster than I did.”

“I’ve been living down here at the hotel during the whole week, and having forgot my charger to my computer, I’ve spent a lot of time preparing and looking at the course”, Quaade told jokingly.

“When I saw the start list, I thought to myself, that a top 7 would be tough to do, but then becoming the best Dane and even finishing so close to some of the best in the world… I couldn’t be happier with my performance.”

Rasmus Quaade finished just 22 seconds off the podium on the 46 km time trial - 41 seconds off the winner Jos van Emden.