The first of two one-day races was ridden today in Norway as the riders attacked a 22 km time trial in Norwegian town of Oyer. Kristian Aasvold crossed the line in the 2nd fastest time but ended 4th as the top favorite Andreas Leknessund took a sure victory.

“I’m really happy with the result. It was the first time on a TT-bike since February, so I didn’t really feel super good. But I’m in good shape and really looking forward to tomorrow after today’s result”, says Kristian Aasvold.

The race tomorrow, Lillehammer GP, is a 133 kilometer road race finishing on a 10 kilometer climb with an average gradient of 7,4%. A parcourse that suits Kristian Aasvold great, in his own opinion.

“I was 2nd here last year, but it’s a different course tomorrow than the previous one. But I think this suits me better, so I will definitely try and go for the win.”

Sports director Peter-Lee Jeffries is also stoked about today’s result as the whole team looks towards tomorrow.

“It was great to start with this time trial before tomorrow, because now we can get behind an idea and we know where the guys are. It was a great result today by Kristian and quite unexpected. It shows he’s strong right now and the overall moral of the team is super high. All the guys are happy for him and they’re all ready to ride 100 percent for him tomorrow.