Three days of productive preparations is now done after the 2020 squad gathered for the first time at Mærsk Training in Svendborg.

All riders went through bike fitting, photoshoot, medical tests, individual talks with the sports directors and found their sizes in the new clothes all while getting to know each other better through the short first meeting.

“It’s been a great weekend with a lot of new people”, says sportmanager Michael Blaudzun. “It’s always an important gathering to do for us, since we get so much done in short time, while also telling the new guys about how the team works in regard to our standpoint on things. And then being able to do it here at Mærsk Training with perfect conditions for us to relax as well has been great”

While the weekend was all about productivity, there was also plenty of time to socialize. Right from the get-go the riders and staff was split into groups and played an indoor football tournament, where high pulse and laughter worked as a perfect icebreaker.

“It’s really some great new riders, we’ve signed with the team, both as athletes but also as people. We’ve gotten to know them a lot better over these three days, and just confirmed, that it’s the right people, we’ve signed.”

“Now we look forward to the next season. We have a really strong and exciting team here, and I think 2020 is going to be a great season for us”, finishes Michael Blaudzun.