The five stages of next year’s Tour of Denmark was presented today in the Danish city Sønderborg, where sportsmanager Michael Blaudzun and rider Torkil Veyhe were present from Riwal Readynez Cycling Team.

While the parcours take the peloton beyond Danish borders for the first time in history, most noteworthy was the lack of a time trial. An aspect that changes the tactical approach completely.

“It’s very surprising, that there’s no time trial in the race”, says Michael Blaudzun. “There’s always been a time trial, so we have to approach the race differently than what we’re used to.”

2019 saw a Riwal Readynez-rider finishing on the 3rd step of the podium, as Rasmus Quaade fought for the overall win and defended his position in the hard finals and took time from his competitors in the time trial. But the arrival of new riders in 2020 opens new possibilities, according to Blaudzun.

“We’ve signed a lot of new guys who can do well on many of the presented stages. We’ll see how they do during the first races of the season and get a better impression of their capabilities and limitations. We either need a captain who can do some damage on Kiddesvej, or someone who can both sprint and climb.”

“Once again we start Tour of Denmark with the ambition to race for the overall win. Had there been a time trial, Quaade would be our obvious choice, but I see several opportunities with this parcour and no matter what, we can present a very strong team this coming August - especially if it’s windy.”