Norwegian rider Kristian Aasvold displayed his great form yet again today in the French one-day race Paris-Camembert. Riding away in the final he formed a small group, where he was caught just 2 kilometers from the line and crossed the line in 29th place.⁣
“The guys actually rode a very good race today”, said sports director Michael Skelde. “Kristian was very close to at least making a top 5 result but was unfortunately caught very close to the line. August had great legs as well for the sprint, but he was taken out by bad luck.”⁣
The Norwegian riders August Jensen suffered a mechanical with 13 kilometers to go and on his way back to the peloton, he clashed with a service car, who’d made an unfortunate decision to change a tyre right after a corner. Fortunately he didn’t hurt himself.⁣
“We’ve had many races like this, where the guys have done a great job, but we end up emptyhanded due to some bad luck. But it’s amazing to see everyone sacrificing themselves for each other, especially in a situation like the one we’re in, not knowing if we have a team next year. Incredible team spirit”, said Michael Skelde.