Andreas Stokbro is one of the biggest talents on the U23-scene, not just in Denmark but in the World, and will be a part of the Team NTT roster for 2020.

”I’m really happy to have made this deal with Team NTT. I feel ready to take on new challenges on the WorldTour and feel like this team is a perfect match for me. I hope to get my own chances but will take it as it comes in the beginning and learn as much as possible.”

Stokbro has been riding in the orange colors of Riwal Readynez Cycling Team in all of his senior years and has developed year for year, becoming a stronger and smarter rider.

“I’ve spent all my years as U23 here with Riwal Readynez and have been very happy with my development under the wings of Michael Blaudzun and Michael Skelde. I’m glad I got that one year on Procontinental level before taking the big step to WorldTour.”

”I’m still fully focused on the road right now and want to finish strong in my last races for the team as well as the upcoming U23 World Championships.”

Michael Blaudzun has worked with the young talent since 2016 and have nothing but praise for the rising star: ”He has really earned himself a chance on the highest level. Of course it’s a shame to see him go, but it’s only natural for such a talented young rider to get to that level.”


Photocredit: Uggi Kalden /