The two road captains Jonas Aaen and Troels Vinther are about to take on new chapters of their lives, having a joined 10 seasons riding for Riwal Readynez Cycling Team behind them, where their experience and presence have helped shape the culture and atmosphere of the team.

“This might be my last interview as a cyclist. It’s a bit nerve-racking having to go out into the real world now. I’ve always been a cyclist, so it’ll be something different to get a real job”, says Jonas Aaen with a laugh.

In 2010 Jonas turned professional with the now closed Danish WorldTour team Saxo Bank where he rode for 4 seasons and Troels Vinther again became his colleague after their joined year at Team Capinordic in 2009.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have travelled the world and made a livelihood of my hobby. My six years with Riwal has been amazing and I’ve had some great colleagues there, and to have been part of the team’s journey from a small continental team to a fulltime professional cycling team with dreams of Tour de France is an honor. Basically, my career has been freedom with responsibility and a part of my life, that I’ll always be proud of.”

It’s a common thing for retired cyclists to not abandon the world they’ve come to know so well, and continue working in the same environments, but for Jonas Aaen, it’s the thought of having a normal life, that is most appeasing.