PACE Business & Cycling Club

In collarboration with Sydbank, Odense, Riwal Cycling Team runs networkbased cycling group rides in Odense, Denmark. Take a look below to see who to contact about joining the group rides in Odense.

Participate in PACE Cycling Club when we race together with our Sydbank network. Get on the bike and expand your network while cycling.

The PACE name is chosen with care – from cycling – and it symbolizes; that by helping and supporting each other to move forward, we achieve better results than we could perform on our own. In PACE Business we are like a professional family, we are interested in each other, we are social together and we do business with each other.

All from the perspective of our three values that connect us: PASSION – DEVELOPMENT – COMPANIONSHIP

As an extension of this network, we have created PACE Cycling Club that offers training in Odense for business people with a cycling passion.



Every Wednesday we race our bike in Odense together with the Sydbank Network. Do you want to know about our network cyling or want to particitate in a traning session, please send an e-mail to 


The training sessions in Odense will be led by Nicolai Just. Are you curious to know more about the training sessions or have any unresolved questions in relation to the training, feel free to contact Nicolai on the contact information below

Every Wednesday afternoon
Sydbank Odense

If you want to know more about training sessions in Odense, please contact the tea at 

Riwal Readynez Cycling Team