Below you can take a look at the teams history, and some of the highlights during its 10 year duration from its establishment in 2008. 

  • Stepping into 2020 as our second year as ProTeam, the second highest league in Cycling.
  • The team has a professional organization at all levels and a solid and passionate group of partners around us. We have a business network that helps us connect with new partners and create even stronger ties with our existing ones.
  • Riwal Securitas Cycling Team is the biggest and strongest team in Scandinavia.
  • We have been growing steadily to reach this level since we started in 2008, and we keep striving forward.
  • Having our base in Denmark, we’re an international team with strong Nordic DNA, being called “The Nordic Fighters”.
  • With ambitions stretching further than the borders of Scandinavia, this year the team has improved its roster for 2020 with several strong names from outside the Nordic regions, though still staying true to the original main core of the Scandinavian mindset.
  • Our team is a mix of both rising stars of the sport as well as experienced riders, who have been at the highest level of cycling.
  • 20 riders pull on the Riwal Securitas-tricot in 2020 with 7 Danes, 4 Norwegians, 2 Swedes and 1 Faroe Islander making up the Scandinavian core, while also bringing in 5 Dutchmen and 1 Englishman.
  • Noteworthy names include the Olympic- and World-medalist Rasmus Quaade, Swedish Champion Lucas Eriksson, the fast and punchy Dutchmen in Arvid De Kleijn and Piotr Havik, sprinter Sondre Holst Enger with podiums in the Tour de France and the super U23 talent Andreas Kron.
  • With an eye on our target, great ambition and hard work, we ride at the top of the European wave of cycling talent that is sweeping across Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Developing talents both personally and professionally is a cornerstone in our work - having produced 3 riders to the WorldTour for 2020 and already yet one for 2021, we believe we can provide the best possible conditions for them in our team.
    We take pride in developing riders for the next step of their careers, taking their future and well-being extremely seriously.
  • We enter every race with an ambition to leave our mark and give our all in the pursuit of success and we look forward to competing in all races, we’re invited to.

  • Selected results in races where we have raced against riders from the highest level of the world tour, especially the last two races on the list, had the participation of all the teams running the Tour de France in 2020

    Total competition: 8 + 10, Andreas Kron (8) / August Jensen (10)
    Youth competition: 1, Andreas Kron
    Team competition: 1, Riwal Securitas Cycling Team
    Total competition: 9 + 16,  Andreas Kron (9) / Lucas Eriksson (16)
    Stage 1: 10, Nick van der Lijke
    Stage 2: 4, Arvid de Kleijn
    Total competition: 12, Nick van der Lijke
    Stage 1: 4, Arvid de Kleijn
  • Stage 2: 6, Arvid de Kleijn
    Total competition: 5, Andreas Kron
    Youth competition: 1, Andreas Kron
    Team competition: 8, Riwal Securitas Cycling Team
    Stage 3: 6, August Jensen
    Stage 5: 1, Andreas Kron
  • We consider the 2020-season as lost due to the worldwide Corona pandemic. We prefer to focus on the future, when we yet again take our place as the biggest and strongest cycling team in Northern Europe on the Pro Tour after a first season at procontinental level in 2019 with many victories and glorious moments we have proven that we can be at the top level. We’re still learning and adjusting to the professional league of cycling, but our experience grows quick with every single race.
  • In 2019 we raced our first year as a Professional Continental Team, racing the Europe Tour, and we are the only Nordic Pro-Continental Team.

  • Riwal Readynez Cycling Team stepped into 2019 with a new Nordic identity which was shown in the team's roster. Six riders extended their contract with the team, while ten new riders from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Faroe Islands joined the team in 2019.
  • Some of the team's noteworthy names were former Danish Champion, Alexander Kamp, Olympic and World-medalist Rasmus Quaade, former WorldTour pros like Sindre Lunke and Kim Magnusson, and strong, talented riders like Nicolai Brøchner and Emil Vinjebo.
  • Since January 2019, Riwal Readynez Cycling Team became a proud member of MPCC - THE MOUVEMENT POUR UN CYCLISME CRÉDIBLE. The MPCC was created to defend the idea of a clean cycling sport, particularly according to the code of ethics established by the UCI.

    Members of the MPCC apply on voluntary basis of much stricter rules than the international regulation (WADA) and includes prohibition of the use of corticosteroids in competition as well as Tramadol.

    Doping cases of the past have tarnished the image of riders, teams, organiseres, sponsors and communities, and impose on all stakeholders to practice zero tolerance, which is why we at Riwal Readynez Cycling Team consider it our duty to support and aid in the work for a clean sport. There are no other solutions to secure the credibility of cycling.

    Working for the team in processes, the above is more important than results. We feel that we have succeeded in Denmark, being approved as a professional company and taken the development of its young employees seriously. 

    Now, the next step for the team is to enter the international scene and succeed with the same strategy. In this work we believe that a membership of the MPCC will help us to make our work visible.

    Along with the team’s values “Passion, Development, Community” we feel it is obvious to become an official member of the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible.

  • Selected results in races where we have raced against riders from the highest level of the world tour,

    Total competition: 4 + 18, Alexander Kamp (4) / Andreas Stokbro (18)
    Team classisfication: 2, Riwal Readynez Cycling Team
    Point classification: 3, Alexander Kamp
    Stage 2: 6, Andreas Stokbro
    Stage 3: 1 + 8, Alexander Kamp (1) / Andreas Stokbro (8)
    Stage 5: 7, Aleander Kamp
    Total competition: 1,  Riwal Readynez Cycling Team (Rasmus Quaade and Mathias Norsgaard)
    Total competition: 1, Lucas Eriksson
    Total competition: 1, Rasmus Quaade 
    Total competition: 1, Rasmus Bøgh Wallin

  • We finished 14th on the Europe Tour in our first year as a Procontinental team in 2019.We finished 14th on the Europe Tour in our first year as a Procontinental team in 2019.By 2021, our goal is to reach the top 10 in the Pro Tour.


  • The 29th of July the team publicly announces their goal of moving to cyclings 2nd division: pro-continental. On the 1st of November UCI approves the application making Riwal Readynez Cycling Team the only professional Nordic Team in the world in 2019. 
  • The 18th of October the team announces a new big sponsor at a press conference, namely the Danish company Readynez, thus changing the teams name to Riwal Readynez Cycling Team. 
  • The 1st of November sporting manager Michael Blaudzun receives a helping hand in the signing of highly appreciated Danish directeur sportif, Michael Skelde.
  • With the teams widened interest in the whole of the Nordic regions, the team experience an expansion to Norway and Sweden both in sponsors and riders, thus creating a roster for 2019 consisting of 11 Danes, 2 Norwegians, 2 Swedes and 1 from the Faroe Islands.

  • A total of 20 victories is the amount of succes on the road for Riwal CeramicSpeed Cycling Team in 2018 - 3 of which came in UCI-races, with stage wins in Flèche du Sud and Tour of Estonia by young riders Andreas Kron and Andreas Stokbro.
  • The talented Mathias Norsgaard dramatically improved his time trialing, becoming U23 Danish Champion, winning the Chrono des Nations U23 and getting a bronze medal at the U23 World Championships in Innsbruck.
  • With Nicolai Brøchner as the great profile and Chris Anker Sørensen as Captain De Route, Riwal Platform properly experiences the most successful season for a Danish cycling team in recent times.
  • At the Danish Championship in Grindsted, the team has 4 rides in top 10 and 3 more riders among the first 19. Significantly, with Brøchner achieving the second place.
  • The young riders also have shares in the team’s overall success. Andreas Stokbro wins jysk/fynsk championship and becomes second at U23 DM. Jonas Gregaard wins the highly-occupied French stage race, Kreiz Breizh Elites. The youngest member of the team, Andreas Kron, becomes second at GP in Herning.
  • Prior to the 2018 season, Platform withdraws as name sponsor and is replaced by the company CeramicSpeed. A company that is already highly involved with professional cycling as a supplier of handmade ceramic ball bearings.
  • Blaudzun benefits from bringing a lot of young talented riders into the team. In the first month of the season, more than half of the orange riders have achieved a position on the podium at home or abroad.
  • Due to the established business network, both the activity level and the number of participants are significantly improved.
  • In May, Riwal Platform achieves its highest ranking as number 32 on the UCI Europe rankings.

  • Prior to the 2017 season, Riwal Platform signs a two-year contract with the routined and famous Danish rider Chris Anker Sørensen. 
  • The Danish working platform and rental agency Platform A/S becomes new name sponsor - still along with Riwal Denmark.
  • Sportingly the set-up is improved with the hiring of Michael Blaudzun as sporting director.
  • The year is finished off well on the roads with Jonas Aaen’s victory in Post Cuppen’s last two races, and Nicolai Brøchners victory in the Scandinavian Race in Uppsala.
  • The sponsoring network reaches around 100 sponsors and is named PACE.
  • The business set-up around the team's network is significantly improved. Jack Jørgensen is employed as the commercial manager.
  • At a Time Trial in Middelfart 200 people were participating in a Riwal Cycling Team event. Hereby, the first events for the increasingly nationwide sponsors are arranged.
  • Sportingly, there is marked progress with Jonas Aaen and Kasper Klostergard, who at the time are the most significant riders.
  • Emil Bækhøj becomes Danish Champion in U23 and Morten Øllegaard almost gets the overall victory in Post Cuppen. Jonas Aaen wins the Scandinavian Race in Uppsala.
  • The team has limited sporting success. Allan Johansen is replaced with the young Christian Ranneries, who is employed half-time. 
  • It does not change the economic situation, which seems somewhat unmanageable.

  • At Post Danmark Rund, Martin Mortensen wins the Hill Jersey. 
  • At the end of the year, the company Pro Cycling DK is founded with aim of strengthening the team both sportingly and organizationally. 
  • Concordia Forsikring does not want to be the only sponsor and completes a main sponsor agreement with Riwal Denmark.

  • Nikola Aistrup wins the Hill Jersey in Post Danmark Rundt.
  • Jan Steensen becomes the new sporting manager and the team is notably strengthened. 
  • 4 riders from the Danish National Track Team, Rasmus Quaade, Christian Ranneries, Lasse Normann Hansen and Rasmus Guldhammer, are riding for the team. Rasmus Guldhammer has just returned to Denmark after a less successful stay with HTC Highroad in the United States. 
  • The team obtained great success at U23 Danish Championship (DM): Rasmus Quaade won the Time Trial and Lasse Normann became 3rd. Yet, Lasse Normann won the Road Race, and here, Nicolai Steensen became 3rd and Sebastian Lander 4rd. 
  • In addition, Rasmus Quaade won the Danish Championship in Time Trial and got silver at U23 World Cup Time Trial.

  • The lift company Riwal Denmark is affiliated as a smaller shirt sponsor.
  • Himmerland Forsikring enters a similar name sponsorship. Consequently, the team name is changed to Team Concordia Forsikring - Himmerland.  
  • Team captain Philip Nielsen wins the team's first UCI victories in Sweden and Mexico.
  • The team consist of 11 riders and is already participating in Post Danmark Rundt in their first season. In the race, the team is positively noted with top ten positions in three stages of the race. 

  • Daniel Foder and Philip Nielsen were team captains. 
  • A group of cycling enthusiasts in Himmerland decide to establish a Danish cycling team in the UCI continental category. At that time, the main drivers behind the team were the still active riders; Thomas Just and Karl William Carlsen and Riwal CeramicSpeed’s current manager Morgens Kristensen.
  • Jørgen Foder was hired as sporting manager, while Jørgen Marcussen, World-cup bronze winner in 1978 and former Danish national coach, was assigned to be sporting director.

  • The insurance company Concordia becomes name sponsor, and the team is named Team Concordia - Vesthimmerland Pro Cycling.







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