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Great atmosphere, fun winter training and reached expectations for Kron and Stokbro at the six-days race in Ballerup

From 31st of January to 5th of February, Andreas Stokbro and Andreas Kron participated in the traditional six-days race in Ballerup Arena presented by Bilka. The young duo was happy after the race and felt satisfied with the outcome.

“It was super fun”, says Andreas Kron about riding the six-days race. “It’s always fun to ride with such a big audience, especially in Denmark where people know you. It’s was such a great atmosphere.”

“We reached our own expectations, so we are quite satisfied. We lost a round in the first chase on Thursday, which meant that we fell a bit behind in the standings, and we never really came back. But we rode very well on Saturday where we won the chase, which was an awesome experience.”

Being mainly road cyclists, Kron and Stokbro didn’t really go into the track cycling with huge expectations but saw a great opportunity to make winter training more fun.

“Track cycling isn’t really a huge goal for us, it’s more a means to make the training in winter more fun. It’s not something we came 100% prepared for, but something we’ve used as preparations for the road season. Really just to make the winter more fun”, says Andreas Kron.

“I feel ready for 2019. I’m in a better condition than last year at the same time, so I’ve improved physically. I also feel ready mentally after some challenging times last season; I’ve come out stronger on the other side. I feel ready both physically and mentally for a year that’s definitely going to be fun but also hard, where we’ll get to ride some tough races at a new level of the sport.



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